‘Love Midst of All’ – Lotus Flamingo paper cut art

Finished. Sigh the relief I feel when I finish a small work cut paper art.

For days I could not even come up with a new idea for paper cut art but…

“You can’t use up creativity the more you use the more you have – Maya Angelou”.

Right when I thought I could never come up with another idea for paper cut art I started doodling for fun without the intent that I would use it for anything.

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it – Julia Child”

When one is really passionate about something, it somehow makes the gruelling hours and the frustration worth it. I have had many pieces that I have torn up, abandoned mid way because it just doesnt feel right. Any one who is working with paper would know how fragile it is. A little more pressure on the paper cut and the entire paper cut section would come apart.
But “ Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t then who will ?

I want to start a Youtube channel capturing my cut paper art work but I have enough work as it is.
Maybe once my son becomes little older 🙂 .. He has started walking and has become very naughty which makes the saying ‘ silence is golden into silence is suspicious’ in the case of my son.

Also look out for my blog post explaining cut paper art and paper crafts from different cultures.

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Behance Portfolio Review India

Behance Portfolio Review India

Some snaptshots of the Behance Portfolio Review Event Chennai ..

I had won the Behance Coin for my Paper cut works and illustration work….

Geetha Kaarthikeyan
Geetha Kaarthikeyan

Behance Portfolio Review India, Judges Suggestion
Behance Portfolio Review Judges Suggestion

Behance Portfolio Review India, Judges
Behance Portfolio Review Judges

Behance Portfolio Review India
Behance Portfolio Review

Geeth Kaarthikeyan
Geeth Kaarthikeyan Behance

Geetha Kaarthikeyan Behance

Behance Judges Look On
Behance Judges Look On

Behance Judges taking notes
Behance Judges taking note

Behance Portfolio Review India Talk
Behance Judges Talk

Behance Portfolio Judges and Participant
Behance Portfolio Judges and Participant

Behance Portfolio Review Chennai India
Behance Portfolio Review Chennai

Take Creative Control
Take Creative Control

Take Creative Control…

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Stop Motion Animation !!!

There is always a way..

Whenever I am down I say this to myself- There is always a way…

It indeed helps me.. taking care of a toddler and somehow doing some work in my interest / career makes me question whether I can do both.. but There is always a way..

On the bright side, I got to work in an awesome project involving stop motion animation .. beautiful project and clients have great interest in clay stop motion animation.. We did a test photo shoot .. It went great..

Now have to do the actual shoot in the week ahead..

stop motion animation

Just chilling while everyone is frantically making the set ready…

Hope you had a great week ahead..

Usually I have my readers from US, India.. but for the first time I had new readers from Poland 🙂 🙂 Poland Poland (says aloud) the name sounds so beautiful…

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My Week In Photos

My Week In Photos..

Geethaflower My Week in Photos

Little things have great impact in life, just having few rose plants around the house brings a new unfounded joy in my life.

Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow. I’m taking things one moment at a time.

Another thing I read ” Compliment People. Magnify their Strengths, not their weaknesses.”
Love it 🙂

I will try and keep updating the blog section weekly for the few silent readers that keep coming back to my site.

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Little White Lies

While doing my work or cutting away my artwork I usually listen to songs and on and off I stop to watch videos really inspiring.. videos which are creative to the core….

For few days now these two videos have been on playing on loop for me…

Woodcutting the Lawless issue of Little White Lies Magazine

Creating a magazine on a single scroll – The making of the 'On The Road

Enjoy (the music is hauntingly beautiful)

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Starting a Journal

I have decided to start a journal to keep my spark of creativity alive. Usually when you take care of child you tend to forget many other aspects of yourself… In order to avoid that I have decided to start a journal so that I can start writing the minute an idea hits you.

Writing Journal

Journal is really important for artists because you can jot down your thoughts, ideas, illustration immediately. It is better to write down in journal than a piece of random paper. I intend to capture things that excite me. From mundane to the exciting things in my life everything in a book.


Journal writing can be daunting especially tough to break through the first page. I suggest you put a dot on the paper – there you have started now dont look back. If you cant do this then skip the first three pages and start on the fourth, you can keep aside first 3 pages for your master piece..

Journal Inspiration

If you want tips ideas illustration etc on how to write a journal ? Tell me I’ll put a separate post about..

Till then doodle away in your journal…

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