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My Week In Photos

My Week In Photos..

Geethaflower My Week in Photos

Little things have great impact in life, just having few rose plants around the house brings a new unfounded joy in my life.

Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow. I’m taking things one moment at a time.

Another thing I read ” Compliment People. Magnify their Strengths, not their weaknesses.”
Love it 🙂

I will try and keep updating the blog section weekly for the few silent readers that keep coming back to my site.

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Starting a Journal

I have decided to start a journal to keep my spark of creativity alive. Usually when you take care of child you tend to forget many other aspects of yourself… In order to avoid that I have decided to start a journal so that I can start writing the minute an idea hits you.

Writing Journal

Journal is really important for artists because you can jot down your thoughts, ideas, illustration immediately. It is better to write down in journal than a piece of random paper. I intend to capture things that excite me. From mundane to the exciting things in my life everything in a book.


Journal writing can be daunting especially tough to break through the first page. I suggest you put a dot on the paper – there you have started now dont look back. If you cant do this then skip the first three pages and start on the fourth, you can keep aside first 3 pages for your master piece..

Journal Inspiration

If you want tips ideas illustration etc on how to write a journal ? Tell me I’ll put a separate post about..

Till then doodle away in your journal…

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