Finished. Sigh the relief I feel when I finish a small work cut paper art.

For days I could not even come up with a new idea for paper cut art but…

“You can’t use up creativity the more you use the more you have – Maya Angelou”.

Right when I thought I could never come up with another idea for paper cut art I started doodling for fun without the intent that I would use it for anything.

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it – Julia Child”

When one is really passionate about something, it somehow makes the gruelling hours and the frustration worth it. I have had many pieces that I have torn up, abandoned mid way because it just doesnt feel right. Any one who is working with paper would know how fragile it is. A little more pressure on the paper cut and the entire paper cut section would come apart.
But “ Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t then who will ?

I want to start a Youtube channel capturing my cut paper art work but I have enough work as it is.
Maybe once my son becomes little older 🙂 .. He has started walking and has become very naughty which makes the saying ‘ silence is golden into silence is suspicious’ in the case of my son.

Also look out for my blog post explaining cut paper art and paper crafts from different cultures.